Community activities
We are sponsoring different non governmental organisations and communities and welfare projects. The sponsored organisations are considered annually and are most often related to projects which.

 - are local, based on Southern Karelia
 - are related to youth activities, nature or sports
 - are in harmony with our values

At the moment we are sponsoring the following organisations and projects:
- The Bird Society of Southern Karelia (EKLY)
- Finland Veterans of War Federation
- Youth Exchange of Rotary Finland
- Traffic Safety Project of Lappeenranta's elementary schools
- Stipend fund of Elias and Viljo Sun
- Lappeenranta City Orchestra

We are also members in the following societies:
 - The Association of Finnish Architects' Offices (ATL)
 - City Center of Lappeenranta (Lakes ry) ry
 - Living City Center Finland
 - Walk21
 - Making Cities Livable
 - The Entrepreneurs of Southern Karelia
 - The South Karelia Chamber of Commerce