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Valtakatu 36,  53100 Lappeenranta,  Finland
tel +358 20 747 6780, fax +358 5 411 7630

Creative Working Environment

Arkkitehtitoimisto Mikko Heikkilä Oy, founded in 1992 (member of the Association of Finnish Architects' Offices ATL) is a disciplinary architectural company offering a wide range of professional services.

The company employs five architects concentrating mainly on building design, city design and city research. While building design focuses on apartments and shopping centers in Southern Carelia, Savo and the capital area, city design focuses more on developing city and pedestrian centers all around Finland.

We also have a robust background in city research, focussing on follow up studies on different cities and participating in international research projects. Lecturing and consulting services are also available. We hold an AAA company classification from D&B Finland Oy.