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A city - more than just houses

About architecture

We see architecture as a combination of art, constructing and investing. A perfect result satisfies the functional and aesthetic needs of the client and the public and stays in the limits of given budget. Good architecture also serves the public needs providing enjoyable living surroundings for everyone and finally brings artistic satisfaction for the designers themselves. Architecture can be described as consumer art and usually there are several good architectural solutions to a single problem.

About the customer

Our mission is to seek and find new creative solutions to our client's problems. Our goal is to develop a solution that perfectly matches to the client's needs and also fulfils the definitions of architecture as described above. Since in architecture the consumers are often a wide variety of citizens on top of the client itself, it's essential to see the city as a whole entity instead of just single buildings. One is free to choose a house, concert or art exhibition he likes, but rarely can he choose his surroundings. This is why every building has a wider consumer circle than just it's primary users and therefore every building has to be seen as a part of constantly developing and changing city scape.

About the city

The theories, history and the conversation about architecture are too often limited to single building or construction. Different architectural styles are usually aesthetical phenomena around a single building. However, the most public and valuable common city surroundings are the spaces between the buildings this is where the city life is lived. "Life between buildings" The quality of these spaces determines the quality of the citizen's lives. This is why we think that a city is more than just houses.

About the methods

Information communication and digital image processing technologies do not need to limit one's creativity. They can minimize the amount of routines and they also make the realistic visualisation possible. From the first beginning the decision making is based on realistic comprehension on the final result and its costs. Documents concerning the realization and the building licence are produced only afterwards. The path that the design process follows is : need idea visualization feedback cost estimate decision realization documents building licence constructing inauguration and final evaluation.